My Goals for the Fall Semester (2018)


Carl Colglazier


August 13, 2018

This fall semester, I want to…

Be a good student not just by doing the readings, but also by investing in the topics. Set myself up for success by allocating enough time to do things well. Remember what is important. Focus on the 20% that gets me 80% of the evaluation and move on1. Keep in mind that learning is more important than grades.

1 : See the Pareto principle.

Prepare for the future. Work on research and side projects to refine and demonstrate my skills. Read books. Study for the GRE. Take on challenges. Consciously develop life skills.

Prioritize health. Keep a consistent sleep schedule. Set exercise goals and work toward them. Take regular breaks. Reach out.

Focus on habits. Use systems that work like flashcards. Emphasize the long-term over the short-term. Maintain things that matter. Give space and grace to slip up.

Be authentic with humility. Know my limits. Allow vulnerability. Treat others unreasonably well.