An Ode to the Humble Pen


Carl Colglazier


December 7, 2015

After Wendell Berry

Ever since this summer, I have made it a personal project of mine to improve my cursive shorthand, a skill which is seemingly diminishing in Western society. After going through two disposable pens in half as many months this semester, I eventually decided to succumb to a year-long interest and become the overzealous owner of a fountain pen.

To contrast with my previous post on how much I am relying on computers in my studies, I would like to spend this next post praising the humble pen:

  1. It is quite challenging to be distracted by one’s own notes.
  2. The pen can handle just about any layout imaginable; no special software necessary!
  3. Writing in a pen forces you to only transcribe what is important, possibly leading to better notes.