Frequently Asked Questions

What are your favorite programming languages?

Python, Rust, and LISP.

Python has a fantastic suite of libraries that can do almost anything with minimal effort.

I admire Rust’s design principles. Its focus on safety and security is useful in a number of contexts and programming in it gave me a much clearer understanding of memory management.

In a similar way, my experiences in LISP have dramatically changed the way I view programming.

What text editor do you use?

Emacs (usually).

Why do you study communication/media?

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” to describe how new forms of media (such as the printed word, television, or the internet) have such a great effect on the human experience that the medium itself embeds itself into any message it conveys. Currently emerging forms of media are rooted increasingly in computers and our access to them, which embeds itself into any message sent over digital communication systems.

While studying computer science gives insight on the processes and development techniques behind software, I believe that studying communication offers insights into the human effects and social consequences of software.